About Us

About Us

The 'Kanchipuram Half Marathon' has a wonderful atmosphere, a flat and trail course offering the beautiful forest area with some mountains that our wonderful route has to offer! Events for 21.1KM,10KM and 5KM are conducted and to encourage the existing running community and to bring more awareness to the public about running and its benefit and the force behind the Kanchipuram Half Marathon have been working non-stop to ensure that the running event is a memorable one .

We are small group of runners and sports personnel looking to provide an opportunity for people to meet, train and have fun together regardless of their ability and also to promote volunteerism and philanthropy for a noble cause.

The Kanchipuram half Marathon brings together people from various walks of life from across the country to help spread awareness and social cause to develop and serve the villages for their rehabilitation which we have been serving for last 6 months by the Syla Trust . We are highly motivated and enthusiased by SYLA Trust for the great moment maker. And also they strongly believing and providing hardwork to present all kind of sport activities and games to all kinds of people without differentiating them regardless of their abilities. Their vision and mission is to represent the super talented persons as national or state level competitors.

Our members are runners of all levels , without any discrimination of ages and abilities, from recreational runners to competitive racers. We share a common enthusiasm for running and friendly group of people want to share their love of running while being supportive to others who may be new to running and physical fitness. We also promote our Club members volunteer at various race and non-race related events throughout the year. Additionally, in conjunction with our Social Injection to create awareness for the various events.

We also promote healthy lifestyles through expert-led workshops and seminars throughout the year. All runners, walkers, and interested individuals are welcome regardless of age or ability to Promote healthy lifestyles and sports activities through running, walking, and by giving opportunities in the surrounding communities. We highly emerged in motivating sports by giving equal strength and motivation to all kind of peoples to achieve notable positions in sports event and life through activities regarding sports. We by joining hands with Impessa Sports Academy emerging to give more opportunities in sport. Our wish is to achieve the super talented persons to show the world whom we are with Help of strong hands.

"Come and show your affection towards noble cause by running"

Race Director

Name : Srinivasan Mandadi

Social Runner, Trainer, Eye Opener and Volunteer etc

Running is a Celebration,Passion,Soul of Life:

On 1 DEC 2013 for World AIDS Day to reate AIDS awareness and by wearing badges and posters, Srinivasan Mandadi took part in his First half Marathon (21 km) Carrying the strong Message and the importance of AIDSAwareness.

He initiated AIDS awareness campaigns at Chennai Marathon were the Runners count was 12500 people. Successfully distributed 1000 + Badges/ Stickers "I Support AIDS Awareness" to runners/ Volunteers for creating the Awareness at the event and he has completed 300KM's in a year at the Full Marathon in TWCM 2014 for AIDS Awareness and also got Chest number as F300 by coincidence and by participating in 21KM,42KM,50KM across the year.

He spends most of his time with children homes and making them smile with Happiness by Sharing his Love and Affection and conducting games and activities so as to make them feel they are one among us and he never wanted people, kids and children’s to suffer for HIV/AIDS. Further to this he decided to FIGHT against AIDS/HIV by educating people, groups, institutions and participating in marathons and awareness campaigns.

Every Run, Every Marathon, Every Kilometer and Every medal was his dedication for People Fighting with AIDS and 34 million People died with AIDS and for all those families.

Even his body was feeling the pain but his Heart doesn't want to stop when it is for a social Cause. He makes a Great impact in the Marathon by dancing in front of the Huge crowd at the Rock Band with our AIDS Awareness posters and also participating in beach clean ups after running 21KM’s which shows his commitment and dedication to serve the society .

Thank all those wonderful Human beings who support and motivating him always and Part of this journey which has just started.

Your contribution to the global AIDS response is highly valuable to reach the vision of “Zero new HIV infections. Zero discrimination. Zero AIDS-related deaths.”